Saturday, February 3, 2018

'Cause I Know What You Lack and I Can't Go Back to That Now

A mushroom spinach ricotta after show slice from Lean Crust
Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, with James McMurtry opening
I learned tonight that I like Jason but I don't love his music.   I thought I did, maybe it was an off night.  Maybe it's me.  He's funny as heck though on his Twitter. All I know is that I hardly ever want to leave a live show, no matter who's playing.  The venue was gorgeous and we were in a great mood.  My doll had bought us tickets for this special show and we cabbed it over all excited.  We've waited for someone fun to play this theater. The music just didn't move me.  Plus when someone writes a bad song, it's hard to ignore if they don't have dozens of great songs to wash away all the wrong.  You know when you hear words that suddenly turn your support for the music at a live show?  Now you're standing in a crowd feeling that awkward emotion.  You look around and turn on the people who all seem to be enjoying this shite.  He sang a song called Anxiety off the Nashville Sound album.  Too literal for me. Something just didn't work but not only that, it pulled me way out of my good time.  I just couldn't get back in the groove after that.  What I did love was his guitarist, Sadler Vaden who lit up the stage with his effortless fills and leads.  Thank you for saving that night.  Jason's voice is undeniable in some songs though and I did enjoy Cover Me Up quite a bit.  I'm only pointing out that words are powerful. 
James McMurtry had the worst sound and his bass player couldn't fix his issues the whole show but I really enjoyed his set and story telling.  That man knows how to write a great song.

King's Theater in Brooklyn
Morning Chilaquiles
Really tasty but not exactly right either.  I needed more fresh roasted hot sauce. So they didn't get to soak in sauce, only take a quick dip.

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