Friday, February 2, 2018

Baby Take the Time Do It Right, We Can Do It Baby

I'm not sure if everyone does this but I've cooked some things wrong for years out of laziness or indifference, maybe priorities.  I just never learn the proper method.  Chilaquiles is an example.  This is a dish that requires you to cook each thing in the correct order.  Yet, it is a very simple, scraps kind of rustic meal so I guess I just always rushed through it.
And I didn't do it right this time either but I have marked this as the last time I will make them incorrectly.  Of course the most obvious reason for not learning might be that no matter how you cook these elements together, they taste so amazing.  Another is that I savor my homemade hot sauce and never make enough to drown a whole meal in it but I should, and will. Next time.
So my final statement on Chilaquiles on this day is that I prefer them with the chips still very crisp, with cheese melted on them but also drowned in sauce.  This requires a quick plating and a very hot one. The egg should be fried and put on top but not mixed in like above.  Scrambled is good but save it for migas.  Red sauce works with pork or beef and tomatillo or chile verde works with chicken. 
All that being said this was very good. Freshly made corn chips are heavenly.  That deep corn taste along with the super crispy texture, lightly salted with the fat of the oil is your best friend. The problem with making the eggs in the sauce is that they combine or shred weird, not as pretty.  And you want the chips to drink from the sauce, not so much the eggs.
Everyone probably knows all of this.  My problem is that I never get to talk food with the great cooks in my family so I have to figure out all my own mistakes.  I could be full of shit but the truth will surface on the day that I make these to perfection.

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