Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's More Than A Feeling

Mexican Meatball Soup with Pico de Gallo topping
First of all let me just say that its one thing to add rich roasted hot sauce to a soup to enhance the flavor.  But to add freshly made perky pico de gallo is another ballgame altogether.  The bright citrus hits the peppery heat of the soup and explodes in your mouth.  The tomatoes become juice bombs.  It's really quite incredible. 
I love black bean soup and it needs no help to be fabulous but I couldn't help myself to push the limits.  I baked tiny beef and oatmeal meatballs chocked full of jalapeno, garlic and sweet onion to throw in my pot along with a couple full spoons of Chipotle sauce and chopped peppers from the can.
A little cotija cheese on top for a salty kick.
P said this wasn't a soup, it was an experience.

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