Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Got A Right To Be Hostile

In long term relationships your partner can morph from your nemesis to a superhero in a matter of an afternoon.  And many times, back down again.  Very little thought is given to these ebbs and flows after many years together.  Its refreshing in ways that you come to appreciate.  But there is a good deal of unfair resentment directed at your mate depending on unrelated circumstances of your own day.  I'll admit when I'm burnt out and spent but still need to do chores or errands, and I see P sitting looking too relaxed and happy, I feel the need to burst his bubble a tiny bit, rain on that parade, pee on his Cheerios just a little. But our companions are not the innocents in all of this either. Its a proven fact that some people will go so far out of their way to do the worst possible job just so that they'll never be asked again to help.  I've seen it all.  Sloppy sinks, water everywhere, murky glasses, the 5 lb soaking wet dishrag left to die in it's own stank.  All really effective.  I tip my hat to his most inferior work and make a point to showcase it when I can.  So yeah, I'm well within my rights to call my buddy on his bullshit.
But once in a while, people do surprise you. Out of the clear blue sky on this day, P decided to vacuum without me having to ask.
I had to take pictures because I don't recall ever seeing it live. He's definitely done it before but usually to suck up wood chips after sanding in the living room.  Something I can't even think of without having deep anxiety.  This was a beautiful site. Something likened to watching a manatee quietly pass along a canal. I stopped in my tracks and became silent.

And then he went to get pizza slices.  Particularly good ones with peppers, sausage and onions.
Sometimes your companion gets it right.  I can only imagine the terrible things he must have done to trigger such deeds but tonight I'll just enjoy the moment.

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