Monday, February 19, 2018

Keep Yourself Alive, Keep you Satisfied

Don't Forget the Gravy Blog
This breakfast is in dedication to a fellow foodie and Virgin coworker named Spike.  His food vision is based on late night and morning after cravings and different non-traditional combinations.  His blog is fun and just about the food experience. 
I connect on his view because I'm a lover of the leftover, so that lends itself to odd pairings.  I don't like to waste but I also see how a dinner item could match very nicely with breakfast if you have it on hand.  Like this tangy tomato salad.  And this spinach ricotta slice of pizza.  Generally not considered breakfast, but with an egg poached on top and a little extra cheese, it quickly became exceptional.  This breakfast was gigantic to mock a hungover morning type plate.  I was just extra hungry.
Foodies like Spike help us all to relax a lot about what constitutes a meal and how you eat it.  The significance of what you serve with what from a fresh perspective and the importance of feeding your own individual stomach desires no matter how silly it may seem to another.  And fittingly he is a drummer.

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