Saturday, May 6, 2017

We've Been Together Since Way Back When

BLT Wedge Salad
Gotta say, this was a winner.  At first you think, nah, that won't be enough because it's just a big chunk of lettuce.  Iceberg lettuce is near and dear to my heart.  It was the only lettuce growing up whereas now there are so many varieties I'm not even sure what I'm eating half the time.  So glad though, that we have micro greens and Arugula, Romaine, Red Leaf, Bibb and the rest.  They actually have distinct flavor and each of them can be used in different ways.  But back when it was one lettuce, one way.  We shredded it and that made it friendly, real easy to eat.  Iceberg is more of a cool, refreshing crunch to compliment bold flavors.  It's clean like a glass of ice water.  But you put chunks of bleu cheese, a little crumbled bacon, tomatoes, black olives and dress it with a good dousing of lemon vinaigrette, lots of salt and pepper and that wedge is everything!!  The dressing dribbles down through all those cracks and crevices.  Make your own so you can put garlic and just the right mix of lemon oil ratio. There is something to having to cut it like a steak, making that effort gives it more substance too.

Morning breakfast of poached eggs over vegetable hash

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