Saturday, May 20, 2017

And You're Making Me Feel Like I've Never Been Born

Went to see Stalker at Alamo Drafthouse Citypoint.  This was one of those films where you leave a different version of yourself.   The writers of the novel the movie was adapted from, the brothers Strugotsky,  are men that live inside of my dreams apparently.  From a post apocalyptic place that doesn't exist but you feel you've been so many times before, to a room where your wishes are promised to be granted if you can maneuver all the illogical steps to get there.  But also with a game changing catch.  A writer and a scientist being lead through this journey is right in my wheelhouse.  I felt like a co-writer, scene director and imaginary tag along.  The whole landscape and concept is unconscionable yet it all makes perfect sense.   Such stunning imagery to view while you try to reconcile your own unconscious desires.  Is your faith strong enough to enter the room?  Alamo has morning showtimes so my mind was fresh. Thank goodness, because I needed each and every one of my brain cells for this one. 
P was stroking his beard the rest of the morning, no doubt deliberating on some of the dialogue.  Hopefully we'll get a song out of it.

The plot left me feeling even more lonely and reclusive but at lease a better understanding of why. 

Anything goes on this day so I threw a bunch of vegetables and sausage on a roasting pan and made vegetable lettuce tacos.

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