Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That Thing, That Thing, That Thing

Inspiration is always coming but sometimes I still can't make the particles collide.  It's always a miracle in a way that one can sit and create anything, at all, ever. All you really need is to be receptive but what I want to know is where does that connective tissue come from?  The stuff that melds with all the seedling ideas and concepts that you immediately acknowledged as brilliant by some unknown catcher system throughout the day.  The part of your mind that when hearing something goes, yes!  I can make something out of that. Let's keep that.  Then one day magically forms it into something solid!  Where do we get that what we add to thoughts to make them become art, a written piece, an amazing dish, or a song?  That is elusive.  Sometimes I just sit with all my ideas waiting for it to come but nothing does.
Some call it being in the zone. Are their 'places' that exist in your mind?  If so could we ever learn the route to them?  Do the stars have to line up or is it connected with the tides or the moon cycles?
I've made hundreds of what I call taco salad bowls. This one had a slight upgrade with a pickled cucumber avocado and red onion. It gave such a pop to the chili seasoned meat, beans and corn. That tiny idea of adding marinated elements in vinegar instead of lemon or lime dressing, changed everything.  A new twist.  But relatively speaking, nothing too exceptional.   But just the mention of a taco bowl or salad does it for me though, so I'm pretty easy that way.

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