Sunday, May 14, 2017

So Many Things I Would Have Done But Clouds Got In My Way

Brunch at Black Forest Brooklyn
This was one of those severely clear afternoons.  Everything was super bright.  You could say the day was gorgeous.  Cool enough for a light jacket and the clouds didn't let the sun burn ya.
It's kind of nuts how much more you can do so easily when the weather changes. A ride out to go repark the car is a breeze and stopping to eat a quick brunch on the corner is no big shakes. A reroute to simply look at a park or check out the water, make a short video along the way, take some photos, feed some cats, all so effortless.  In the winter these things feel so distance and foreign.  I ride my bike all year but only as a means to get to work.  To think of doing it for pleasure again is something I can't yet wrap my brain around.

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