Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Them Holes Are All That's Real

We are almost to that place in the present when I've exhausted all my predictions for the future.  I figured we'd have fembots decades ago you know, because, men.  I thought, how could a real girl ever compete with a man's ideal of perfection.   But a space age brothel, now that is something to wrap your head around.  Not sure if it's progress though.  Internet porn has made a major impact on all of us.  It's great and then it's not for complex reasons.  I would love to put money into a study.  I do think the impact is that big. For kids and adults now there is such an ease of access.  So convenient without any bit of personal interaction but all the bennies of a real live person.  This must significantly effect how our young boys will interact with girls in the future.  If you're not motivated by sex, then will the connections become more emotional?  All good things.
Getting into the details of it, seems they've really thought of everything down at the Lumidoll factory.  All the holes work and boast real feel genitalia.  Also they assure the cleaning between dates is top notch, a real sanitary operation.  You can dress it and make it pretty or hardcore, whatever your fantasy.  And they can respond to touch, come with personalities and of course are very pro-everything.
But speaking of that.  So you can do anything, things you wouldn't ask your wife.  But sliding into a mechanical orifice or getting a blow job from a robot seems unlikely to truly satisfy mentally.  However, women have been getting great pleasure from latex parts for decades.  I guess it's not much different, although there is nothing visual needed.  We don't need anything but the actual tool that can do the job, plus batteries.  Do men need to see because they are so literal?  
The relationship between men and women has changed drastically from my parents to twenty somethings these days.  The fantasy of hot forbidden animal sex almost seems outdated when I talk with educated youth.  I hear guys going on not about beauty but a girl's art or their complexities. Their minds messed up like a teenage girl with a mega crush.  But then there are the other guys that when speaking of a woman, talk about their curves, or more crudely, their huge ass and aren't phased by the fact that it may be fake or that she is preoccupied only with working on her self like a detailed car.  They do want to make babies.  It's like portions of the population is moving on though.  Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to approach each other without raging hormones calling the shots.  These bots could take a little pressure off the valve.

Maybe women should be outraged but not one bit surprised.  Do we fight this?  Do we care?  I want women to have the right to work in brothels but I also want underage girls to understand their body is not a vending machine or any woman to be victimized.  It really doesn't feel like a negative thing in many ways. Listen, half the senseless bullshit we find ourselves in revolves around desires, so maybe if we weren't so preoccupied we could take a few more steps up that evolutionary ladder and figure out how to fix some of this shit.  
I want my needs met quickly too and without much hassle.  Like on this day I wanted authentic chicken soup like my grandmother made but I only had half an hour.  So I used chicken breast meat and boxed stock to make this golden homemade soup.  Savoy cabbage thin sliced, diced tomatoes, carrots, celery, Yukon potatoes, and some of my never ending bag of dried shiitake mushrooms to the broth added great depth.
We are impatient, busy, people with no attention span. In other words, we ain't got time for all dat lovemaking nonsense. And really, did anyone ever figure out how all that worked except for the smelly hippies anyway?
However, for me, nothing (so far) can replace that inexplicable euphoria that comes with true chemistry. That magnetism that is all encompassing and you feel electricity coming and going.  That takes a live soul on the other end.

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