Friday, May 26, 2017

Turn Off Your Mind Relax and Float Downstream

Lettuce Chili Dogs with Cucumber Salad
Cucumber, dill, rice wine vinegar and sweet Vidalia onions thin sliced.  Chicken sausage pan grilled and topped with 'chili' leftover taco salad meat and beans and cheese and onions.  All wrapped up in a huge romaine lettuce leaf.  Seriously good.
The best time of year when the green and rain washes over everything, not concerned with humans at all.  Dame Nature does her thing, reminding us of our place. You can even smell the wet earth here in Brooklyn. The elder trees stand tall making you take notice of their mighty presence.
I checked on my little buddies at the makeshift cat shelters on the way into work. Everyone was hanging out and enjoying the post rain freshness.   Nothing felt like it was dying on this day.

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