Saturday, May 27, 2017

I Think I Lost It, Let Me Know If You Come Across It

BAM DanceAfrica Festival 2017.  Lean Crust Pizza 1/2 slices for dinner. 

I feel like I took a vow of silence these last few months.  A series of events happened that have made my mouth feel incapable of opening.  All the sudden words fail, saying out loud anyway.  All I can do is listen and watch until this passes.  The great thing about that is there is a lot to see here and people generally love to talk.  And when you're not talking, you do chew over so many more ideas. That can be good but not always.  Given free reign my mind doesn't always make great choices.
Like choosing pizza when all these authentic food vendors have set up for this special event. 
A real photographer
On a quick stroll through this yearly street festival I had to pinch myself.  I'm so happy to live in New York and be able to see all these beautiful people of the world.  I never realized it before but it hit me on this day that I've never had a desire to travel out of but love meeting and seeing people from other countries.  So suddenly, this all makes so much sense.  Sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doing here, so far away from family and anyone that cares at all about me.  So it's consoling to believe I've actually done something that has any logic behind it.

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