Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Just Wanna Be Your Firecracker, Maybe Be Your Baby Tonight

4th of July at Fort Greene park in Brooklyn.  Can't see a damn thing and we all waited for a good long time in the humidity.  However, kind of a fun quiet experience to sit facing the sky with hundreds of strangers as if a spaceship was to appear any second or a great band was gonna take the invisible stage.  Eventually you could see some explosions over the tops of the trees on the far side of the park.  But I ain't got time for all of that, as the kids say at work.  So we took a walk and talked about all the previous 4ths, where we were, what towns.
That day I roasted these huge thick slices of cauliflower, open cheese burgers with fresh guacamole.  And the fireworks came in the form of an edamame succotash with juicy grape tomatoes, corn and red onions. Fresh herbs and lemon really bring out the bright flavors.

Earlier, like little moles we reluctantly left the comfort of the nest to forage for tacos.  Luckily it started to sprinkle and decisions were made to quick-style the taco effort to the corner joint.  We supersized the meal with salsa, homemade quac & chips and cold watermelon chunks.

I toyed with trying the new ice cream shop named Scoops.  As we stood in front of it like in a dream I see an old friend walking down the street towards me, and he's actually talking to me already.  My ear is still a little shoddy so I had to do a double take and get with it before I looked like a complete stoner.  I'm socially awkward.   He's always had a huge energy presence and there was some confusion as to why he left his wife and child in the book store or something, so the whole thing went quickly and frantically.  We exchanged quickie hellos and I forgot all about the ice cream. 

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