Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just One Look, And I Fell So Hard

A million light years ago in San Francisco a boy named Kyle made me soup when I was sick.  I was living with two other gals and living the bachelorette lifestyle.  He walked to the store and bought a few fresh ingredients and came in the room what seemed like only 20 minutes later with this beautiful clear broth chicken soup.  I didn't cook back then and nothing that wasn't spaghetti.  I remember looking down at that slightly golden liquid, how good it tasted, so fortifying.  Felt almost like a little miracle. I came from an, I'll say it, a very chauvinistic environment and the thought of someone making me soup, a girl!, especially at a time of weakness was wild enough but for it to be this young man was a real life changer for this monkey.
Along with envisioning a more equal future relationship and partnership and realizing all those possibilities that day, I became open to looking at food a little differently too. Firstly, I learned that making soup was not a deep dark mystery known only to the gods.  That good plus good equals more good.  That there is nothing like a homemade broth.  That those vegetables that I had previously only considered useful for small tasks actually made up 90% of the flavor.  I realized that soup truly was good food!
Years later, I started trying soups here and there, following recipes carefully and not seeing the basic formula. But now I'm like full force soup crazytown.  I will try anything in a soup and love reading all the new recipes for even fresher versions and spend many nights just creating new ones of my own.
This was a bountiful chicken and vegetable soup, made with chicken thigh meat and roasted cherry tomatoes, kale, corn, carrots and onions.

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