Thursday, July 30, 2015

I've Learned My Lesson, It Left A Scar

Adding to the state of collapse with regards to our current dwelling, our gas was out for 5 days after we came back from our Colorado trip.  Gas and hot water.  It was so hot that we were lucky it wasn't the power, so I'm not still complaining.  It was both exhilarating, taking cold showers and a treat because you have to eat out when you can't cook.  It did get old when neither was convenient though.

On the day it was to be fixed, the guy said he wouldn't turn it back on due to illegal plumbing. It was dangerous and could cause a gas leak.  Whoever did the job was a moron and knows better he said. Figures my landlady would hire a dimwit because that's who seems to do all the work around here if at all. The guy that fixed the leaking roof last year was about 90 and I had to hold my breath the whole time he did this completely dangerous and uncalled for Buster Keaton hire wire act on our top floor rickety old staircase banister.  And the genius patch job leaked through the next rain.  Actually these hires do every job just to the absolute minimum definition of 'fix' and then they're out of here.  No clean up of the site, ever.  No making sure it all works afterwards, that's always a surprise extra.
I'm so glad to be looking for new apartments and fantasizing about no drama neighbors or fear of coming home to God knows what each week.  The neighborhood is amazing and we can't afford it, it's just this building that's gone south.  It's no one's fault, just the situation.  Owner is in over her head and lives out of state, can't take care of her responsibilities.  Her father was a bad alcoholic that died from bad health and he left a grieving girlfriend that is dong the best she can but her best is pretty hard to live above.
The day I'm writing this, a Penske truck is parked outside and guys wearing masks are piling whatever is left of her 40 years downstairs into it.  I feel like sleeping and like a huge gray plume of old air is penetrating my psyche.  I don't want to take in anyone else's crazy 'cause we're all stocked up over here.

The day the gas came back on we had a huge rainstorm and it helped to change the mood setting and I made an easy chicken sausage over greens and quinoa.

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