Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Remember, I Remember When I Lost My Mind

The best day is when you eat great food and hear great live music.  
Ever since 9/11, the blackout and Sandy, I just feel like when things get freaky even for a few minutes in the city, there is a true sense of impending panic and chaos that is horrifying.  Something happened on the 1 train earlier in the day. Coming over on the D there were announcements, you know from our thousand year old system that you can really just barely make out one or two words. Something about 'not moving', 'some trains were turning back'...THAT's not a good thing.  I screwed up and didn't get off at the right stop so I headed to Times Square to meet P after work and we'd changed trains together.  Well that station is beyond insane in the first place and now with thousands and thousands more people, it is almost unbelievable how crowded it is at 6pm.  Well you couldn't even get down three steps to get on the platform for the 1. It felt dangerous, like it does sometimes. But like it did more so on this day because when trains get backed up at rush hour, the minions just sort of get all bunched up.  If something wrong, like as in bad, were to happen at that moment in that crowded multi train station, it would spell panic and terror.  At the same instance an amazing asian violin group was playing a version of Cee Lo's Crazy, which was so good that it was hard to ignore and even though I was starting to get the fear, I wanted to stop and check them out.  But they also added now a soundtrack to all this disaster movie atmosphere.  Did I mention it was hot as hell and humid too?
We found each other and decided to walk.

The best day is when you get pork belly and pulled turkey BBQ, see and old friend and hear great music... and the world doesn't blow up.

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