Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Talk and Song From Tongues of Lilting Grace, Whose Sounds Caress My Ear

I tend to think in lyrics.  When asked a serious or lighthearted question my response usually comes in the form of a verse.  Or at work when someone frantically asks me if I can help them, I often daydream of breaking into chorus as the bad fluorescents shut off and the spotlight shines on our moment.  Sometimes the voice in my head is Julie Andrews in nature while other times its more of a Bon Scott tone.  I believe this is occurring more frequently because I'm tired of helping people at work, at least in the traditional way.  Now I want to start focusing on what I see as their real problems.  Maybe they thought they came to buy a hinge for a cabinet door but what they were truly seeking was a kind word from a stranger. Or perhaps to witness a spectacle.  No one should be so passionate about a task so mundane.  I study them wondering what is their actual quest?  I search for the real person inside, the one that desperately wants to free themselves from door pulls and renovation issues.  Oh I'll get them the damn hinge, I just want to play with them a little first.  My cat does this before she kills her toy mouse.  She throws it up in the air a few times, lets it run away before finally pouncing.  
The lyrics aren't always songs I care to remember.  For about a week I could not stop reciting the rap to New Edition's Cool it Now. I knew it but not enough to recite it verbatim but now thanks to my unique form or tourette's, it's a skill I own.  Some of my favorite artists write enough songs to cover most of my everyday emotions, like Dwight Yoakam, The Stylistics, Petty and Dylan, Al Green, Lucinda and the Beatles.   I love to crawl around in songs I admire and just lay in all the words awhile, picking up key lines and taking them with me all day like a piece of candy in my pocket or hold them up to the light and see all their possible meanings.
In grade school lyrics were dreamy ways to show affection for my crushes before I could form such awesome pairings myself.  Too shy to sing, I'd just stare while Marvin Gaye was able to put my feelings into the perfect sentiment.  In high school and beyond lyrics were armor against enemies and obstacles.  If the volume didn't do it, the words were enough to say keep out!
Now these sonnets are handy spices to sprinkle on everything from morning until night.  Keeping yourself amused is an art.
These gorgeous little baked stuffed zucchini boats over mushrooms and quinoa were sort of perfect and think of the combinations! I stuffed these with corn, tomatoes, ground turkey, peppers and onion.
Recipe courtesy of:
Why you all comin' down on me
Tryin to tell me how my life's supposed to be
I know you're only trying to help me out,
Trying to show me what life is really about
But this time I'm gonna make it on my own,
So why don't you fellas just leave me alone
Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike
If I like the girl, who cares who you like?
(Microphone drop)

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