Friday, July 17, 2015

IF That's All There is My Friends, Then Let's Keep Dancing

P asked me today what would be my last supper choice.  That's a super hard question for a foodie.  What is your preferred last meal choice to end all meals forever.  It's like asking what your favorite album is of all time.  I'm sure I've never given the same answer because it depends on the season, what you've recently eaten, what you've been craving and what lingers as a mainstay for such lists.  I said nachos supreme and fried calamari as an appetizer, which right away i regretted.  The nacho preparation has to be very specific in order for them to be just right. Too much and they become soggy.  I like the cheese to be on the chip, not on the extras and the pickled jalapenos must be on the cheese directly. Matter of fact, put the extras on the side for me to dip into.  That's best. Seconds more to think I might say steamed mussels in garlic wine sauce with crusty bread and a side of hot artichoke dip teaming with cheese.  Or the best queso fundido with chorizo and warm chips, pico and guacamole. A trio platter.  Homemade lasagna with garlic bread prepared by my sister R would be the main course.  I feel firm in that choice even today.  I never allow myself lasagna but I love it so much.  I'd trust R to get it right.  For dessert, a hand made apple, rhubarb, cranberry pie ala mode with real vanilla bean ice cream.  I imagine the most flaky buttery crust.  I have a hundred variations on this meal and it's fun considering options.
I turned around and asked P.  He said my cheese enchiladas with my mom's sauce.  My steak bites with bloody Mary dipping sauce.  A Rachel Ray recipe actually.  And my pecan pie.  Dang.  Freakin' honor man.  I gulped hard, tried not to start bawling.  Truly touched.  And he meant it because that boy don't throw compliments out willy nilly.  
Sometimes I make my mom's enchilada sauce, just to taste it and then worry about what it will go over afterwards.  This day I made a turkey burger seasoned with chili and cumino.  I let it char a bit on the outside so I could smother it with this rich sauce. And like my mom's enchiladas, lots of cool iceberg lettuce sliced thin, tomatoes and onions on top.  And because you can't screw with tradition a bit of cheddar cheese as well.  Smothered Turkey Enchilada burger.

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