Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's Up Wit That? What's Up Wit That?!

Brooklyn is an amazing place to live in really specific ways.  There are some people that I've always felt very easy living around and Irish, Jewish, Polish and Russian I'm discovering are my mains.  Initially the draw was my deep fascination with and appreciation, respect for black culture. I'm more of a barnacle living off the fray of this community, barely seen by human eyes but I'm there.  Quiet and not saying shit, but I'm here with my non protruding ass.
With all of this focus, I'm remembering I've always really had my own inner black voice.  I'm easily aurily aroused you could say, intellectually speaking.  At work I hear all of these common words but put together in unique ways that now work as a private language for lots of these kids.  Like 'Damn son, I ain't seen you in a minute dog' or 'How you gonna act like that?', 'Whatchu said?'.  There are tons of fun combinations!  Now six years in, my subconscious brain is forming it's own responses that I fear are gonna leak out.  Like at the PathMark yesterday I heard myself saying 'All you heffahs need to move out da way or mama's gonna lay some stank!'
Now (in my mind) I've always known enough about scenes, to easily float amongst almost any set but as you get older, people are not as accepting of your alleged hepness.  And I just hope I don't get a case of Tourettes.  I sometimes wonder if the kid next to my locker at work has any idea that I have perked up ears and am drinking up everything he is throwing down. OOOooooweeee!

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