Saturday, January 31, 2015

Knock Down the Old Grey Wall, Be a Part of It All

Winter and my sad ass retail schedule is very telling of my creativity slump.  I'm reminded as I see these weekly meal pics that I've sort of been phoning it in in the last month.  I have a boatload of excuses.  It's the coldest winter, it's winter period.  I have to take the subway to work on too many nights instead of riding my bike, where I get most of my ideas.  I've worked a lot of evening shifts.  There is not a lot of fun going on over here despite my best efforts to stay on the sunny side of life.  A lot of serious, sad stuff, people's health, etcetera.  The sun's been gone for days!
Now there is another two storms predicted for the coming week.  If it weren't for music (and movies) I would be lost in dark matter this month.  I've had to take a few songs straight into my veins, playing them over and over....and over.  It's effective, if only momentarily.  Music like any drug can have lasting side effects though, like melancholy and a burning sensation..or is that an STD?  Either way, emotions run high when listening to great songs and that power can lift you up while simultaneously shattering your fragile tender little core.  But at least you're alive when you're heart is breaking.  Its shakes you out of this frigid seasonal coma.
Baby corn and bamboo shoots, carrots, onions, kale, zucchini along with ginger, white pepper, five spice powder along with ground turkey made this a solid weeknight meal.  But in my heart I know it is not my best work.   You have to feel the lows to get the highs.  Easier said than done.

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