Friday, January 23, 2015

Too Many People

I have an aversion to couples and I don't know why it's that's serious.  My upper lip begins to curl whenever I see one approaching.  It's just hateful.  Couples that I know, I have no problem with because I've already sorted them out.  I might like them both but the decision is always based on them individually.  And currently every couple I know, I actually honestly like them both.  So what is it about these stranger duos that I loathe?
Gay male couples I'm almost sure to be fine with and in fact enjoy observing their dynamic and interaction.  Gay women not so much, generally speaking unless they're both super masculine for some reason or young hipsters. Young heterosexual couples I almost never like.  Older couples, automatically adore them and if they are from another country, even better.  It's like I can't help but see things, like visions.  Do I impose these or are they really there? Mostly I have access to twosomes at my job whilst they're gathering information to buy a kitchen together which is a huge purchase and generally brings out the worst in people due to the high stress level.  If for example one person doesn't allow the other to talk or cuts them off, I want to tell the other person to buck up and stop taking shit, revolt! Where is your backbone?!  If one person is a real prick and the other obviously has to see it, I wonder what is their motivation.  Why or how do they still love this asshole?  Or way simpler things, like some women have real meek impish voices that hit me like nails on a chalkboard and I wonder how the man can sit and listen to that every day. Does he drink to drown out the sound?  Does she sound like that in the sack??!!  Ewww!!!  One person is almost always the decision maker while the other whines or whimpers lamely in the background.  The aggressors most always speak for the unit, so I tend to watch the other person for insights into the relationship and ignore the other's barking.  There are so many telling gestures and facial expressions in couples. I guess if you had to deal with them separately, you could easily put them in a box.  But coming at you as a combined team, it becomes harder to resist looking around at all of their 'couple stuff'.  It's like their conjoined energies wreak havoc on my minds eye and becomes overwhelming for me to focus.
I don't want to be like this. I hate judging people.  I don't want to look at their couple stuff, but it's like when someone sits on our planning chairs and you see their butt crack. You just gotta look, it's impossible to look away.  It's not pleasant, just not ignorable.
One combination that I know works very well is lemon chicken and spinach.  I thought it might be fun to make this Chicken Roulades recipe for the visual stimulation.  Meat with a surprise inside is always a crowd pleaser.  Creamy spinach bursting with vibrant green taste coupled with a juicy chicken breast is a nice pairing.

I always take a detour though due to poor planning.  I got frozen collard greens instead of spinach but it worked equally as well.  I didn't have gruyere cheese so I used Greek Yogurt with a little brie.

I think after consideration, it's not exactly that I don't like couples, it's more that I am uncomfortable being in their presence as I have no other discourse but to evaluate their behavior and it's draining.  As a girl in the department says, I can't.

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