Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Brian Williams is in the news the week I'm writing this post.  You know, I think because his lies involved real serious people and military, all of that, it's not as easily dismissed as embellishment.  And if he's been doing it his whole career or many times during, then it's a problem.  Mainly because he was one of the last real journalist types before all the real liars came around.  Actually, that's not really true but I'm talking main stream media, non-cable, non-internet.  Old school boys.  Sort of.  Maybe not.  Anyway, I respected him and he still wore regular pants and not them skinny jeans while reporting.  I liked his shoes.  Tom Petty used to wear the same type of sandy suede shoes.  In other words, I don't really have an educated opinion of him. My point is that my problem with him (until someone unloads a boatload of major lies, which I hope they don't find) lands solely with his apology.  It's what I call a man's apology. A proper apology  includes the sincere reciting of the words, I am sorry, followed by a period. And it must include some genuine emotion that allows the recipients to believe your words.  I have lived with P for many years so I have the experience of being on the receiving end of many a man's apology.  A man's apology includes a very quick sentence with maybe the words sorry 'in it' and then much too quickly followed by this long rant of how they're not really guilty of anything actually and sometimes even including why they think you should be the one apologizing.  Then it morphs again into more of why they aren't accepting blame for anything!  THAT is what I call a man's apology.

P's defense is not to deny the lameness of his mea culpa but to say that women never apologize, which is not exactly accurate but there is some truth to that.  In our defense I don't see there is much calling for it in general.  I feel most women are more thoughtful before they haul off and act a fool.

But hey, we're all very imperfect and life is so short.  We're here to forgive and live.  Of all the horrible acts of wrong we've seen in the last couple of months even, Brian Williams is still at the back of the line.  So far, I'd call this a misdemeanor and I'm movin' on.

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