Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On the Back of the Fish Truck That Loads, While My Conscience Explodes

Creating is a magical thing.  It's only when I'm producing that I feel truly alive and not concerned with self.  You'd think then that I'd be doing it all the time and I want to but it's not always available to tap.  Ideas are like little pregnancies and then births.  You nurture, incubate the idea in your head before it can come out in the world and be known.  There are long lulls at times when I fear it may never come again. Sometimes you have ugly kids so to speak, where something happens but it sure ain't charmed or special in any way.  Once in a while it's so seamless, effortless.  I've made real Hunter's Chicken before but this time I just sort of went in and made it without thought or planning.  I knew it would be so good over a Parmesan polenta rich with real chicken stock, a little Greek Yogurt for added creaminess.  And it was.
So a thought kept coming in my mind on this day.  Is creating the act of doing or is creation the formation of the idea in your head?  Some would say both right away.   You couldn't just physically do it if it didn't burst in your head with enough energy to feed all the stimuli it would need to make it real.   It has to run through the series of rational thinking.  Okay, it's an idea but is it a good one?  The mind takes it through the process, then the dry run of sorts, imagining in your head.  Could it work?  But what's cool is that we must have super computers for brains because it only takes a second for all of that to take place.  We must have ability to draw upon a ton of stored data relating to the subject at a moment's notice.

So creativity is a process that involves several levels?  Is it the end product?  I created this dish.
Where does the mental seed come from?  I know I always carry a hunger.  My theory is that you must carry an idea catcher of sorts, which is the desire to create. But you can't just wait.  You continue to think and listen and observe and then something comes along and fills the net.  I think the two must collide like two atoms to create an idea in the mind.  This big bang, is the idea springing into being as a thought.
Maybe then it's actually two separate things. One is the idea's creation and the other is to bring the idea to fruition, the act of creating.  Although you do create, the idea, it's just thought when it's still in your head, like a theory, a plan. .  Producing is creating.  I've had too much coffee.

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