Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Lit to Pop And Nobody is Gonna Stop

I'm not sure if it's just the new yoga and pilates I've been trying but sometimes I feel like I'm ready to jump right out of my skin, butterfly my ass right out of this cocoon called earth.  It's like I'm so close to some sort of brilliant alternate universe that if I could just tap into it somehow, everything would change.  More dimensions, more senses, heightened awareness.  Like behind the curtain somewhere there is a whole enchanted love filled world where all five senses morph into one and you can hear chocolate and taste all your favorite songs, see all your poetic thoughts and touch the smell of hamburgers on the grill.  I'm telling you this place is fabulous!  And then quick as the feeling comes, I don't see it anymore.  The way it might be to clearly spot a UFO before it vanishes into the distance.  But I can't forget what I saw or how wonderful it made me feel.  And for many days afterwards I will only think of knowing it again.
I rode in this morning at 6:30am, not exactly a time for joy normally for me.  It's winter, it was still dark, it's cold.  And then I look up and see the moon about as big as a giant beach ball coming at me.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I stopped on my bike, pulled over and just sat and looked at it appearing to sunset on the water.   I couldn't believe how strong it felt., how beautiful it was. Was I the only one seeing this?!  Why didn't all the cars stop?  Why does everyone appear so unawake and unaware of all this enlightenment or potential?  And why do I have this stupid ass grin on my face all the sudden?
Well I don't want to lose this feeling whatever it is.  So that night I came home and fed the brain with a nice ground turkey stir fry of bok choy, edamame and tomatoes and another 30 minutes of bizarre body contortions and stretching.  My stomach agreed, there was something really good brewing in the world.

I hope it can last.

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