Monday, January 26, 2015

I Was Just Wondering If There Was a Way

I was just standing alone in the kitchen, wondering if there was a way to still enjoy a favorite, chicken and rice.  If there was a way to make a really healthy arroz con pollo.  I needed to use skinless meat, no white rice, and add healthy fat.  I could still taste the original in my mouth.  I still wanted that taste.  I wondered if it was possible to have it again, some way to bring it back.
I used wild rice.  I braised the chicken first in a dry rub with lots of heat to create a coating, then stewed it over the vegetables and slightly browned rice with some stock and tomato sauce, dried herbs.  In the oven lidded for almost an hour.
This was surprisingly satisfying.  Not exactly the real thing but maybe close enough for today.

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