Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You Can G(row) Your Own Way

I married into a family of can do people.  My brother now in real law, the one who sends his fresh grown peppers each year has ventured into a Gourmet Mushroom Kit business along with his son.  They had me at the box.  It's so shocking seeing something so professional and polished looking.  We knew this was underway but when you see the finished product it sort of takes your breath away.
And now, here it is.  Solid.  Good colors.  Description and insert are written very well and full of useful information.
 And then it hits me, this is a kit.  I gotta get to it.  Followed the instructions, made the slits, misted.
 And kept misting...
 ...days past and I felt like maybe this wasn't gonna work, even though they clearly state it takes 7 to 10 days before they begin to bloom. I began to think of what I'd tell Mark, how I'd screwed up and forgot to mist that one day.  I reread the instructions...was it supposed to be placed horizontally or vertically?
 I kept misting.
 Did I pick a good spot?  On the mantle facing the window, out of direct sunlight but would still get some.

 And then, on Christmas Eve like clockwork.....!!!
 Oyster Mushrooms, a miracle on Fulton Street.
I sauteed them with butter, garlic and served warm over scrambled eggs and chives.  We were so curious to taste I didn't get a pic before they were gone.  This was a great experience for a city dweller, to grow something and eat it.  And bonus, they were delicious!

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