Saturday, December 13, 2014

Right Back Right Back in Love Again

It's hard to know if all these detox regimes are a bunch of hooey but I'll tell you what, I felt like I needed to go into rehab after all that good fried food, even though we tried desperately to keep it to a minimum.  If there are hot salty fries staring you in the face and you're away from home it's almost impossible to resist.
The best thing to do was just to get right back on that horse, you know the good one.  Lemon Roasted chicken breast with wok braised Bok Choi and mushrooms.
What the heck is it about that bok choi that is so revitalizing?  It's broccoli rabe but not one bit bitter and more refreshing, it's celery if it worked out every single day and ate bok choi for lunch.  It's just better than anything and you instantly feel good after eating.

A good remedy for after vacation syndrome.

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