Thursday, December 4, 2014

Her Eyes Are Clear and Bright, But She's Not There

Asian Shrimp and vegetables over quinoa.   Something weird about this picture.  I think it's upside down.  Sometimes things just seem a little off. I read something this morning about ADHD and how we've increased prescribing medications for it by 50% since 2008.  We joke about speaking at lengths about things we know nothing about around here.  Since I feel working in retail is also a science of gathering various data about society, I myself have noticed a definite change in mainly caucasian middle class women, mothers, I'd say age group 30 - 45.  They seem super distracted, unable to focus, or concentrate on what the other person is telling them.  They are able to spit out about 20 questions in one breath but seem to have no desire or ability to listen to responses.  Appearance wise they seem to have it together.  They are slim, impress as to undergo routine exercise.  I'd call them nervous, agitated, balls of negative energy.  When I see one coming at me, I take a deep breath and prepare mentally.  I've pondered this a lot.  What causes this?  Are they just mothers in today's society, living in New York?  They seem to probably have jobs, married, with toddlers but still need to get a lot done in the world, in their homes, for example, a kitchen remodel.  That's a lot to juggle.
But there is a difference.  They seem to be incapable of focusing although they sound extremely bright and sharp.  They are walking contradictions.  Disaster zones in mid length bobs and Nikes.
I get regular contractors who juggle several renovations at a time and they are 'there' when I try to help them get the parts they need. These women are not 'there'.  And it's an epidemic, I tell you.  I'm speaking of years of data.  This is not a one or four time occurrence.  This is ongoing weekly, monthly, yearly seeing patterns.
I read that these drugs like Adderall are getting prescribed by unqualified physicians and perhaps women, by word of mouth have traded how it keeps them focused and able to do more.  And maybe just maybe if you're taking this stuff without the real disorder it can make you edgy and just appear to do more more but in reality you are walking into a big box retailer talking to some aging clerk sounding like a psychotic person.
I know that look that people give you when they're sizing you up for level of crazy.  Me and my sister joke about it, we've been on the receiving end of it for years.  Now I'm the one giving it.  First you're looking eye to eye until they start sounding a little off and you start to pan around their whole being looking for clues on what is really going on here.  Are they disheveled?  What's their hair doing? Are their nails bitten to the core, sweater full of cat hair, any sign.
Their kids are varied, either just as unhinged and manic as their mothers, or quietly playing on their Ipads, or occasionally you'll see a child who looks like they are also studying mother in social situations.  Attently observing how I'm handling this mess as they've run out of ideas.
Usually these wind storms leave much as them came in, in a rush, visibly upset and ultimately asking random questions with their backs to me before I can utter any help.  And then it's over.

I hate all these drugs flooding the market being prescribed willy nilly to the public like Chiclets.   Society needs these smart white women along with all the others.  It's hard enough out here to survive and make changes.  If drugs are the reason these women are half cocked, and no one cares doctors are more than happy to give them and make money despite it creating a whole army of skinny fast talking stroller crackpots then we are doomed if someone doesn't step in soon.

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