Thursday, December 18, 2014

Celebrate Good Times C'mon!

Where I work there are often celebratory luncheons or ice cream bars, pies to eat as an added bonus treat.  It's very festive.  On this day there was a whole plethora of sweet treats.  I grabbed one of these caramel chocolate sprinkled apples and I'm so glad I did.  I believe you should stay away from sugars because they are connected to everything bad that can happen to you healthwise.  But I also believe once in awhile, you need to have fun with food.  If a caramel apple or a piece of one can provide some happiness and joy in your heart as a way of celebrating life, I'm all for it.  In moderation.
I love pork posole or beef tripe menudo but for the everyday, you really don't want to be eating either regularly.  So chicken posole can be very satisfying with a rich chicken broth.  You still get the chili broth and the hominy, lemon, Mexican oregano.  Just not all the fat.

I took the idea of the raw crunchy cabbage but instead of a topper, I included strands into the soup to cook in the broth and also add it's flavor.

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