Thursday, December 25, 2014

He Will Bring Us Goodness and Light

 I am not a big fan of actual sit down meals in life.  I mean, it's not the part of food that I love.  I'm of the belief that food is more fun as bite sized snacks. Like Cher's character in Mermaids.  I hate the commitment and even the word dinner sounds so formal and stuffy.  But I can get excited about a snack.  Something you can hold in your hand while walking (away).  Or is it more I hate sitting at a table across from people having conversations?  No, I actually love going to restaurants for this purpose, although it'd be a bonus if we could just eat appetizers all night.   Owning a restaurant is something that terrifies me.  People sitting in judgement of your food.  Dissecting each dish and pouring over the menus.  Waitresses.  Staff.  It's all so much hassle.
I love planning the holiday menus mainly for the snack element.  This year I did a Cumin Roasted Shrimp with Tomatillo dipping sauce.  Great although, my shrimp were tiny and needed to be jumbo for this.
A delightful surprise was the spiced edamame.  Super easy just steamed in their pods in salted water and then dusted with spices and salt while hot.
 Kinda brilliant!
The big star was a pear and pistachio guacamole.  This was one of those recipes right up my alley because everytime you throw a new fruit into a salsa or savory dip it's pretty fabulous.  This had the wow factor because all the ingredients stayed green, there was crunch from the roasted pistachios and the crispness from the firm but ripe pear was spectacular!  Not too sweet, just barely.  Not using red tomatoes is my new favorite way to prepare guac these days too, just jalapeno, minced garlic and lime, sometimes not even cilantro although I used it here and it was RIGHT!  Try this one, it's a winner.

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