Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nothing Changes On New Year's Day

I love being home.  If I would have stayed in Indiana, there is a chance I would have been one of those kids who stayed living in their parents house well after 30. But the weed in the Fort just wasn't that good to keep me.  However, our house came with a beautiful apartment, large - lots of ornate details, with a big kitchen with windows and a nice claw foot tub in the bathroom, mosaic tiles.  A separate staircase and entrance with a porch.  So it was tempting. Mr Butts used to rent from us when we first bought the house but he quickly moved out and I'll never know if it had anything to do with me pressing my face to the cold wood floor beneath the door to try to see slivers of him and his lady friend getting it on very hard and fast as I recall.  Thinking back, he was sort of a wham bam kinda dude.  I'd hear his car park, then I'd get into position, and he would be in and out in record time.  No staying over or time spent with needless foreplay for them, no night caps or after-cuddling like you see in the movies.  When it was over, they whizzed out just as fast as they came in, wheels screeching on the pavement.  I was 13 and my hormones were in full swing.  Poor Mr Butts.  Our family was so loud too.  He didn't stand a chance.  After that we took over the whole house and it was massive.
But wherever live, I make sure it is a warm, safe, comfortable place that I want to be and it always is.  And of course in your favorite place you eat your favorite foods, however you want.  Like breakfast for dinner.  And tamale breakfast for New Years Eve was exactly what I craved!  Poached eggs with turkey bacon, cool avocado and tomato side with two of my chicken tamales steamed up and topped with roasted tomato chipotle sauce.

Somehow every New Year's Eve in New York is bitter cold even if the days before or after are mild. Never fails.  At work that day the damp cold came into the night like a big wool blanket made of cold.  I was happy to be at home to bring in the New Year.

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