Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog

Just when I figured out the right way to really char-broil a steak, they are talking loud about the dangerous carcinogens.  By cooking meats at these high temperatures, you can produce the same types of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.  There ain't no joy in that! Seems every time you really find something tasty, you have to read how bad it is for you.  I know steak is not something to eat everyday and who could afford to anyway?  But this was a huge piece of London Broil on sale for a song.  I was able to marinate it, broil it and then slice is for steak and eggs with a side spinach salad. 
That is a breakfast for the gods right there.  If you're a woman, you can guess where I was in my monthly cycle. I try to remain civilized but I have to admit, when nearing the flow I feel the urge to rip heads off of women that stare at me sideways.  Men would be advised to stay a good distance away if they are any kind of ornery too.  Not because I'm dangerous, but I can throw off a foul attitude and funk, maybe make you think twice about messing with me. And I need my meat and proteins. 
It doesn't make me entirely human but eating a big meal like this definitely tames a bit of the werewolf-like tendencies.

At least enough to get me to work and just hope no one comes along and  rattles my chain.

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