Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No One On Earth Could Feel Like This

When we first moved to Brooklyn we found a place called Bedouin Tent where they served $5 Middle Eastern pizzas on fresh baked pita bread.  A man, who seems to be gone now, I was convinced was a real life angel here on earth was there every day making fresh pita bread in the oven right next to the window. Endlessly he was rolling dough and pulling it out of the oven.  He was always smiling and always at work.  Day or night, you'd walk by and he was there.  Sometimes I'd even see him walking to work out my apartment window.   In the winter it seemed a beautiful job in all whites next to the warm pizza oven. His oversized white turban worn like a doo rag.  Snow falling outside, a scene from a movie. In summer it seemed like the hardest job in the world being next to that heat box all day.  But he always seemed the same, very content and smiling a genuine loving smile. A plastic sweating cup of crushed iced lemon water on his work station. And those pizzas were beyond good.

Well, these that I made here today were nothing like those but they gave me the idea.  I found some .99 Damascus pita bread on sale so I figured to make it that night.  For a healthier version I took thin sliced raw zucchini, chopped broccoil rabe, fresh baby spinach, onions, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and mozzarella cheese and then chopped Kalamata olives on top.

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