Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keeping An Eye on the World Going By My Window

Do you have recurring dreams?  Me, I have loads. A lot of nights I'll have dreams of being in this cottage or home right up against the ocean.  Where I can look out the window of my bedroom and see the beach.  Not only see it but its usually only like 3 to 6 feet away from the window. Sometimes the beach will flood and come into the house, sometimes I just watch it as it almost hits the window sill.  Many times I'll see spectacular brilliant scenes in the water.  Many times I'll see huge killer whales beaching themselves or swimming dangerously close to shore.
Last night I had one of those dreams.  I was in my first house, in a small room off the living room looking out the far left window which would normally face Schele Avenue but instead faced a small private beach.  I saw sharks swimming in the water and then several huge whales.  Take-your-breath-away sized whales, swimming close to shore and I figured I should warn the small kids not to go into the shallow water.  For some reason I stepped away and then opened the screen to stick my head out.  I was kneeling down on the hard floor so it wasn't comfortable. I lifted the screen and when I did all the people in the water looked at me as if I not supposed to be there or that it was odd there was this house propped right up to this beach.  I suddenly became very self conscious and even though I saw the whales right behind the swimmers, I just closed the screen and decided not to say anything.  Maybe the people wouldn't be hurt.  I would appear a lunatic if I demanded them all get out of the water seeing as I'm the freak in the house that obviously is the odd thing in this picture, not the huge whales swimming so close to the shore.  Afterwards I just sat and looked out behind the dirty screen. 
Me and P always had issue with the ginormous burritos they served in San Francisco and Berkeley by the campus.  I'm always in favor of big food but in my opinion they went to the extreme of ruining the whole experience by making them so large.  The other problem though was they were flavorless even with the 50 ingredients they seemed to have in them.

Mass amounts of beans and rice with grey tasteless beef chunks filled the torpedo along with not enough salsa, guacamole and sour cream.  It ended up being like the prize inside the cereal box that you'd look forward to hitting.  After that, just more mushy heavy nothingness in the endless sheet of a tortilla.  I like small burritos with limited fillings.  This time I just took all my delicious ready made 'Goop' (see previous post) filling and wrapped up a small whole wheat flour tortilla.  I topped with shredded cheese (none inside to save some calories) and melted in oven, fresh onions, tomatoes and 'penos on top.  Get a little crisp on that tort, enough to make the outside a little hard but the inside stays nice and moist.  I'm also a no beans or rice in my burrito kinda gal with one exception, if it's a bean and cheese burrito of which I am a major fan.  I'm old fashioned in that I feel the place for those two side are just that, on the side of the plate.  You can play with each bite to see how much rice you want in your beans, vise versa, etc, etc.  They pre-mixed them together which also made the burrito usually fall apart or split out of heaviness or being too moist.  And then the thick end piece that if you got to it, meant you had about 5 lbs of this crap and probably could stand to lose that mangled mound that itself unraveled to about the size of a regular tort.  A whale of a meal.

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