Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Magic Moment

Nothing says summer like corn on the cob.  This might be one of the things we don't get to enjoy easily if the droughts keep it up.  Sweet buttery salted corn.  So just right.
Alongside in keeping up with my 'summer of the burger' theme, I made a nice beef burger patty with onions and garlic, brown rice and put it atop a bed of lemon-zested baby spinach, onion, tomato, pickle and a toasted thin bread slice.
A burger salad. It actually did work to cut each bite of burger and mix it with a bite of onion, spinach and take it down with a slice of bread.  Maybe the next time I'll do it as a 'chopped' burger salad so it's not so much work in cutting each bite. 
Yes! Brilliant idea! A chopped burger salad and I could even toast the bread into little croutons and add small cheese chunks for a chopped cheeseburger salad!  The wheels are turning baby!  Join me next time won't you, while I add even further disgrace to my over flowing muffin top!

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