Friday, June 14, 2013

'Cause it Just Feels So Good, So Free, So Right...

Sometimes I wake up and I feel so hopeless. Even this whole cooking thing is fun and I'll always do it but that nothing will ever come from it. I get all down on my efforts and even doubt that I've even learned to be a better cook along the way.
But once in a while I'll do that one little thing that makes me feel like maybe I'm not the biggest failure that I know or that maybe I can trust some of my intuition here and there.  I can believe that it's not just the schooled chefs that come up with key pairings and the real gems but once in awhile, the home-cooks like me.
Green Apple Salsa.  Firstly, I LOVE green apples.  They're tart and sweet and refreshing and they remind me of where I grew up.  But with basil and mint, onions, jalapeno, chunked up small-like.....lots of lemon juice and then to make it all nice and mellow, ripe avocado mixed in.  Like any fresh salsa, when the ingredients go together they can't help but sing out.
I thought of this and made it and it was like potato salad, I just wanted to keep scooping it in my mouth. And then with a spicy pork chop it just gave the perfect balance.  I deseeded the peppers so they were more fragrant but didn't put heat in the salsa.
It's a bonus that it's all green, my favorite color.
This salsa is all I needed tonight.

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