Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

A day off...a gorgeous day.  Brooklyn, New York. But there is one catch.  I have to spend it alone.  I'm not all that fond of my own company sometimes.  I can be depressing and lethargic, not easily motivated and a bit high maintenance.  Not always a willing participant in human activity. And certainly not the one I want to spend this beautiful day with.
But somehow magically, I got my dumb-ass out for a nice long walk up to Prospect Park. 10,000 steps on my new Pedometer. Nerd alert!  I went to a thrift store in Clinton Hill and stopped at the market for fresh tomatoes. Then back home to make lunch.
In the heat I'm noticing I'm coming up with tons of time savers and tips.  Anything not to have to wash another pan. So while the water was boiling for the rice, I threw in my frozen peas to heat them back to life and then just fished them out with a slotted spoon.  I also chopped my fresh pineapple and stuck the core in the water for flavor!  What?!
Then it seemed like everything just worked for this veggie filled stir fry, the chunks of tomatoes, the sweet Vidalia onions that I can't get enough of, and finally the chicken.
I thickened the mix at the end with a quick soy sauce corn starch slurry in a bit of chicken stock..

Add the tomatoes towards the end so as not to get them overly cooked. Just so hot that their juices burst in your mouth but they still hold their shape.
Served over rice.
I may not be the coolest or most interesting person I know but thank goodness some days I don't suck.

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