Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Saw the Whole of the Moon

So far this has been the summer of the burger.  I'm almost embarrassed to say I've eaten at least 10 burgers already and it's only June.  67 Burger here in Fort Greene can be out of this world good.  Most times they are exceptional.  This time they were good.  But their 'just good' is still pretty spectacular.  They weren't as 'right off the grill' tasting and not hot.  The bleu cheese on the 67 burger was slathered real thick. 
Bur honestly, they're so tasty and hearty.  One should not complain.  Especially one that didn't pay for them nor go get them.  (Thanks P!) And they have the best fries and onion rings.  The rings are the kind that the onion doesn't come slithering out with each bite.  It stays where it belongs and the batter is light. 
All in all a very great experience.  Afterwards we ran out to see the Super Moon.  Last year we had to look for it and finally found it after climbing up into Fort Greene Park. 
This year we just stepped out of the apartment and looked to the left and there it was, big and bright shining right down on Fulton Street.  For me, the moon has such a brilliant presence and I can barely take my eyes off of it, the pull is mesmerizing.  Sadly though, seemed like no one else really cared out there on the streets.  They were just shuffling off to the bars and restaurants. 

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