Saturday, November 26, 2011

You're Gonna Find That You're Beautiful As You Feel

Low cal mini pizzas for P on one side with fresh veggies and just a smidgen of mozzarella cheese. On the other side are my pizzas, what I'm calling So-Cal pizzas. As in, so loaded with calories, double cheese, pepperoni slices, crumbled sausage AND veggies.

I'm not advocating gluttony but my reasoning is that if you're going to eat wonderful foods like pizza, then make them how you like them, sinfully delicious! Just don't eat too much. I think people should generally eat lighter and take steps to cut out unnecessary fat when they can but I don't believe you need to eat sugar-free cookies or fat-free sour cream. If those things make you happy, then have yourself a little cookie darling. If you find yourself buying boxes of cookies, then you gotta shut it down. Like me with liquor. I used to drink non-alcoholic beer and let me tell you, not exactly a party starter. They call it near beer and it usually is, literally but certainly that's where the comparison ends. No thanks. I'll make my own better tasting drink and take a shot at creating my own good mood. We've got but this one life to live. Why take the fun out of it if you don't have to? I'm happier when my pizza has all my favorite flavors. Therefore I appear content and maybe in the right light..... near beautiful.

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