Monday, November 7, 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away

I visited my dearest sister R at her new home in Colorado City, Colorado the week of Halloween. The best trip ever!
I have a friend in Sacramento, I'll call DC. She always talked to me about how she would go all these places with her sister and they lived near each other, got along great. I thought man, that would be the dream set up. I make male friends easy but women are harder nuts to crack. I've tried through the years but never seemed to be able to really hook a true solid good female buddy. My sister and I were very close as young girls and I would always sort of compare our friendship against others.
There probably is not a stronger bond then sisters and abused sisters, stronger still. Hey, its true. Throw in an alcoholic family and you practically feel like twins! Buddies for life. However it doesn't always come up rosy. We had to work at our adult relationship.
But more importantly we share our sense of humor and our love of food! I knew we'd eat out a lot and also I wanted to make her a couple of special dishes. We had a tight salad on the riverwalk in Pueblo.  Her's with salmon and mine with salami and ham, feta and artichoke hearts.  They gave bleu cheese crumbles and a breadstick on the side.  True love!  Their creamy tomato basil soup was luscious.  Super tasty!

Not to be outdone, I had to wow her with my pork chile verde featuring 3 different kinds of peppers including the locally famous Anaheim chile.
And it was good!!!  Everything in that soup was green and it felt like it was magical.  

We made grilled steak fajitas and for those she actually whipped up some refried beans and Mexican rice, which I could've eaten by itself.  I double downed with my roasted tomato chipotle salsa.  We also did grilled corn on the cob steamed in the husks. 

Next day, loaded nachos.

Sometimes we'd eat lighter, like nice rolled oats, toast and coffee.  Okay, maybe that was the only time but it was so peaceful and serene with the little rabbits dancing around the back yard. Not one to waste, we had to put those beans and rice to work with some summer sausage egg rancheros using that homemade salsa.  Bonus!


Green chile sauce was the hot ticket out there and we tried the Mexican lasagna smothered in the sauce from Vicktorio's in town. The dish was pretty out there, with ricotta and all but you know what, it was really good. You could get about 4 servings out of that one order but that's never a bad thing.

Its always good to check out the local fast food as it tends to be made fresh and it was. McDonald's...mmm and the Coke was super fizzy. We even had great pizza!  Pinch me!

We actually fished up in a sparkling mountain lake just like we did when we were little punks, tackle box, hats and the whole shebang.   I always thought family was there just to remind you what a big jerk you turned out to be, or used to be. I'm telling you this trip was a living, eating dream. She brought me tea and scented my sheets in lavender.  I want to live by my sister like my friend DC. I want to have someone close who actually likes me. She even listened to me when I talked, didn't interrupt and actually genuinely looked interested in what I was saying. Sure, I had heard about stuff like that but of course being in a heterosexual relationship I had never experienced it firsthand.  This was a whole other world.   


Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?