Saturday, November 26, 2011

Suddenly Seymour

Scrambled eggs. So simple yet so hard to get the perfect texture. This was a quick breakfast and my focus was not all together there. Afterwards however I came to think of how they could have been better. Lately I've felt like I need to go back and learn the very basics. Finally understand how to do things properly. If you search how to make scrambled eggs you'll get a handful of different ways from the heat of the pan, to adding water or milk but for me the real key seems to be in the rhythm. Once the eggs hit the pan you never leave them to sit, you dance them around the whole show folding and stirring, gently rolling until they are light and happy. The moment they are ready you must whisk them out of the pan and not a minute later.

The other important practice I think is to either have all your added ingredients heated separately in a hot pan and add them together just at the very end or simply put them on top. I've always loved putting lots of fresh and leftover vegetables in my eggs to make the breakfast heartier as well as some salty meat. But I think you do a disservice to the flavor and fluff of the eggs by doing so in the pan while they're cooking.

Cheese definitely needs to be scattered in at the very last minutes of cooking. Herbs and onions can be added to the eggs in the bowl before adding to pan. I've always been a big advocate of adding hot sauce and sometimes soy sauce to the eggs before cooking along with salt and pepper. But I've been wrong. Eggs don't need these flavors and are at their best when you let the richness of the yolk speak for itself. Suddenly I can see more clearly how to let the eggs do their thing.

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