Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Than A Feeling

I'm getting to that time of life when women start to get all whacked out and bat shit crazy. My head starts sweating for no reason and I'm emotional beyond reason. I also feel like dogs are dancing around in my gut. This morning was another case of cooking while manic. In my haze I proceeded to make the kind of potatoes that neither me nor P like when we go to a restaurant. I know that if you put a lid on the potatoes, they'll steam and get soft instead of crisp and delicious like we love them. Yet still, I put that lid on. And yep, they were soft. Sure, they still taste good and no one died but dang, I wanted crisp cubes of potato so's I could put lots of red cayenne vinegar hot sauce on them and really start the day right. Honestly, this was a rookie mistake but sometimes all you can do is stay upright, try not to hurt anyone until its time for you to lay it back down, close your eyes and slip away.

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