Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some(sub) Saved My Life Tonight

What you NEED to do if you haven't already, is to get your tired ass down to City Sub on Bergen off of Fifth Ave in Brooklyn. Order two toasted specialty subs, one for your honey and one for you. Spring for the big pickle and grab some chips. Drag it home and start forgetting about everyone who pissed you off today because you're gonna eat good tonight!

City Sub Special Combinations

All City Sub Combinations Hot Or Cold Are Served On Our Baked Italian Bread With A Choice Of Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickles, Olives, Sweet Or Hot Peppers, Spices And Spreads All At No Extra Cost All Cold Cuts Are Sliced With The Order To Ensure Freshness And Flavor. We Use Hellman's Real Mayonnaise. Price + Tax
1. Salami with provolone cheese 5.99
2. Ham with american cheese 5.99
3. Roasted Turkey with swiss cheese 5.99
4. Pastrami* with melted provolone cheese 5.99
5. Chicken Breast Cutlet (Baked)* with melted mozzarella cheese 5.99
6. Tunafish with scallions and melted cheddar cheese 5.99
7. Seafood Combination with crabmeat and shrimp 6.49
8. Honey Glazed Ham with american cheese 6.49
9. Virginia Ham with swiss cheese 6.49
10. Salsalito Turkey** with pepper jack cheese 6.49
11. 100% Fat Free Smoked Turkey with smoked gouda cheese 6.49
12. 100% Fat Free Cajun Style Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese** 6.49
13. Peppermill Turkey Breast with monterey jack cheese 6.49
14. Honey Glazed Turkey Breast with muenster cheese 6.49
15. Pastrami Seasoned Turkey Breast with monterey jack cheese 6.49
16. Corned Beef with swiss cheese 6.49
17. Premium Roasted Beef with swiss cheese 6.49
18. Cajun Style Eye Round Roasted Beef** with pepper jack cheese 6.49
19. Ham, Salami & Provolone Cheese 6.99
20. Capocollo, Prosciuttini, Pepper Jack Cheese* 6.99
21. Cajun Style Turkey, Pepperoni And Melted Swiss Cheese* / ** 6.99
22. Smoked Turkey Breast, Smoked Ham And Smoked Gouda Cheese 6.99
23. Roasted Beef, Roasted Turkey And Cheddar Cheese 6.99
24. Chicken Cutlet* with smoked ham and melted mozzarella cheese 6.99
double portion cold cuts 2.00
double portion cheese .60
side or extra condiments .60
$0.50 Less Without Cheese, $1.50. Less Roll Or Sliced Wheat. ** Indicates Spicy Cold Cuts. * Indicates Hot Sandwich Spreads And Dressing Choices: Mayonnaise, Mustard (Deli, Spicy Brown, Honey Dijon), Horseradish Sauce, Creamy Italian French, Russian, Caesar, Ranch, Or Just Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegar.

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