Monday, November 7, 2011

Let Me Sleep All Night in Your Soul Kitchen

African Turkey Stew or my name, Guiso del Diablo. I didn't invent it or the recipe.  I just searched for a good way to use habanero peppers and boy am I glad I did. This feels very 'special occasion'. And it was. Just eating it became a special occasion.
And the highlight was the actual aroma and zing of the habanero peppers themselves. 
As usual I took big liberties with the recipe because I feel you can do that with stews and soups. Instead of all smoked turkey legs, I used smoked turkey wings. legs and necks for flavor and then ground turkey for the majority of the meat. Sometimes they have gorgeous smoked turkey wings at PathMark but this week not even cute. I added a few more habbies too because I never think anything will be hot enough.
But the way you make the sauce is like a magic potion and it makes a vibrant color. The sweetness of the red bell pepper stands out and balances the heat of the habbie. I love that most of the ingredients are red. You really eat this stew with your eyes as well as your mouth because of that color. It is festive. It seems like what the Devil himself would make for you down in his soul kitchen when he was feeling celebratory.

But you'd better not stay too long and mind having seconds of this stew. Habaneros like the Devil are not your friend my friend.

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