Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is Dedicated to the One I (Don't) Love

I didn't get a great photo of this dish but it was a cool creation. I really wanted to do a stuffed cabbage but it just seemed like so much work. Now to be honest, what I did was just as much effort but I didn't have to read any directions. Basically I made inside out stuffed cabbage OR stuffed cabbage burgers. Sounds a Lot like a Rachael Ray 'That's what's for dinner' concept I know. In fact, I'm dedicating this recipe to Ms Ray. I hate to admit it but she does influence me a good deal. But I somehow don't love her or her way of cooking. Or something I can't pinpoint actually. She just kinda bugs me.

Anyway, I took my ground turkey and added bread crumbs, egg, onions...rolled them into burgers and then made big pockets. I stuffed those pockets with the cooked cabbage, more bread crumbs and I made the traditional tomato sauce to put over top. I baked the burgers for 30 minutes. I served these over Jasmine rice. These were juicy and divine! I could see doing a giant one, as a stuffed meatloaf as well.

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