Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wipe Out

This week will not be one that I will probably remember in the long term. January in general is a month I just sort of get through each year. If January were a color, it would probably be white. If it were a day of the week it would be Monday, obviously. Everyone must feel that a bit. You get through the holidays and then its just full-on winter with no marker in time to look forward to unless you're one of those freaks that likes Valentine's Day or something.

It could be a good month. I mean the whole future lies ahead. January is the start of a brand new year. But to me, all I see is white blank nothing. Its not necessarily bad but that's why I just get through it because I don't know what to do with all that blank space.

This week I also lacked a bit of inspiration in my cooking. Let's just say we had a lot of left over pork and no great sides.

Thank goodness P had the thought to bring home a basic frozen pizza from his Trader Joe's run. It was like Charlie Brown's little xmas tree. I had to sort of dress the little feller up. I added some ham and pineapple, a little cheddar and ricotta. The crust was great though. The salad was just seasoned tomatoes, green apples, arugula and chick peas but I made the vinaigrette with some of the pineapple juice and that really brightened the flavors. I love green apple in salads.

Next week I'll make some good stuff. I already have a couple of dishes in mind.

January is not so bad when you think about it. White as pure as the driven snow.

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