Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two 4 One

I promised P I would make the steamed pork dumplings for him because when I made them a couple of months ago he was out of town. So, good to my word I remade them but somehow I screwed up and cooked the meat first when you're just supposed to let the meat steam cook inside the dumpling. Oops. They were still really good but steaming the meat keeps it soft so you could feel the meat a bit. Other than that it was fun to make them again and this time I added mushrooms and water chestnuts instead of bamboo shoots and lots of cayenne pepper in the sauce to give it kick.

With the rest of the pork meat mixture I'm going to make some ravioli. I'll do a simple light cream sauce. I'll add some frozen spinach for color. I'll use the rest of the wonton wrappers as the 'dough'. It's a nice little shortcut and will make a fun quick meal. This is especially nice because it doesn't waste any of the specialty ingredients I purchased to make the dumplings. No waste = Money well spent!

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