Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Suspicious Minds

Mysterious mass bird casualties strewn about the streets and now 100,000 fish washing up dead on the river. They're saying this is not uncommon. So why don't we hear about it all the time? Why are they telling us now and not before? I'm not one of those quacks that think this all means its the end of the world. Its gonna take some locusts for me.

But it does make you pause. I've been pausing a lot lately. You have to admit there are a lot of strange things going on out there. Things are more chaotic, like with the weather. Yeah, there are tornadoes but not in Brooklyn. Yeah, there's thundersnow, but in the midwest, not in New York City. Yeah birds die but not for reasons no one can figure. Yeah it snows and we can't get to work but not for 3 days (damned Union shenanigans!).

In order for me to believe what people are dishing out I have to understand it. It has to ring true. 5000 birds got scared by fireworks and all crashed into each other? Hmmm. I guess it could happen. It sounds better than them all crashing into the power lines because they don't see well at night. No, actually none of the answers have been satisfactory. But like I said, I don't have anything specific that I feel is going on, I'm just not buying the crap they're feeding us most times. That's what separates me from the other nuts. Usually people believe in specific conspiracies. I have very vague and more complicated delusions.

For example I'm thinkin with our luck tonight we will win the 340 million dollar jackpot. And then...tomorrow will be the end of the world. The birds are just a distraction.

Due to the birds in the media this crack pot was all over the web saying the rapture is coming on May 21st, 2011 and somehow part of the 'end' started today. So on my way riding home I thought, what would I want to eat on the first night of the last days on earth. My mom's cheese enchiladas. But there was a but. I had to make the pork chops that were thawed and I was staying off the heavy cheese dishes post-holiday. What to do?

So in the end, it may have been due to all these freaky happenings and chaos that I had the nerve to put the two dishes together and throw caution to the wind. The idea was a risk. Instead of Little Sid's special recipe enchilada sauce I made my own tomato based chili sauce using masa harina as the roux base. That actually gave great flavor and texture.

Maybe like the tropical hurricane winds coming from the south and the mixing with the cold front, this dish became the perfect storm. Whatever the reason, these enchi-pork chops kicked butt! There is something that happens to regular fresh cut onions when it mixes with the sharp cheddar and enchilada sauce, similar to the perfect chili cheese dog. And then top that with cold lettuce, tomato and a little avocado. Don't walk, RUN to your grocery store and make this simple dish. You will NOT be disappointed.

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