Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pigs in a blanket

Good thing Cayenne is good for your heart because I think I'm having some heart trouble. This morning we had 'Wake Up Roast' Maxwell House coffee in bed and my heart started fluttering. Almost didn't enjoy the pesto eggs (hail leftovers!) and pork with warm flour tortillas.

Staying with the green theme from last night I used some pesto in my scrambled eggs and threw in some fresh arugula at the end. They would have been perfect if the repairman for our floors from a botched up plumbing radiator job didn't have to come unexpectedly. Breakfast waits for no one. Eggs are in the 'serve immediately' category. So they sat a few minutes but its good news that the 8ft long, 6 inch high hump will be fixed in our living room.

Of course the real bell of the ball was the pork roast. Winner in best cracklin' category this time. Been playing with the oven temps to crisp that skin while keeping the meat so moist. And then the rub - good stuff! I even sprinkled it on top of the meat before serving. I was going to give it a sauce but for breakfast, you want more calmness to your meat so I left the roast flavors speak for themselves. Just a little sea salt.

We enjoyed breakfast laying in bed. ...bird watching. Or should I say squirrel watching.

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