Thursday, January 13, 2011

..You Can't Always Get What You Want

I know I'll get it together again but this was not my best week. I was wandering around like Mr Magoo. My eyes couldn't focus nor could my brain. Life was fuzzy and exhausting. Everything seemed just too much to bare. I rode in to work like Job, feeling like I was carrying all the burdens of the world in my backpack.

Food was an afterthought. Nothing sounded good. Nothing was good.

Last night I put in a small amount of effort and pre-seasoned and baked a nice big pork chop for P and wokked up some onions and yellow squash. For me, I wanted my stand-by spaghetti and meat sauce to lick my life wounds but I didn't have the right stuff. So I had to settle for creamy cheesy scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, onions and yellow squash to wrap in warm tortillas.

It wasn't the medicine I needed but it did the job and sometimes that's all you can truly expect from your dinner. I got those eggs just right though.

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